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Internet Infusion, why us?

Focused on you
Recently there was a video that went viral that revolved around 2 groups of honor students. They were pitted against each other answering questions you'd likely find on the SAT. The first few questions they had just their own minds and they both got them right after some discussion. Next they were both given tools to help them as the questions got more complex: One group got a set of dusty old encyclopedias, the other a laptop with access to the internet.

Needless to say, the group with the laptop got the answers to highly complex questions before the other group could even find the right page of the encyclopedia.

In this day and age, access to the internet has become an essential part of the human experience and a clear driver of prosperity for those that have it; and a clear detractor for those that don't.

As such, as citizens of Coolidge and firm believers and living proof of the benefits of the web, our group is here to present a truly game-changing offer to the City of Coolidge and all of it's citizens: Free internet for all. Every, single, resident.

Take a moment to turn that over and also consider the magnitude of that statement, and also add that we are ready to launch this essentially immediately, this is not a long term months or years wait. We believe in Coolidge, we believe in education, we believe that democratization of the internet will deliver on the promise of make .. Coolidge a better place to live.

We know Coolidge is uniquely positioned to greatly prosper: Central Arizona is set to boom with the College growing, the racetrack, amusement park, electric car factory and other opportunities coming to fruition, coupled with its natural charms, national monument and proximity to the Valley, there is no reason that it can't--in fact it should--be the up-and-coming place to live in Central Arizona, and free internet would be an immense magnet to those considering moving here, in addition to the boon in quality of life for our current citizens.

Why people

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The Community

The community comes first
It is all about the community and providing a service to EVERYONE in need

The Personal Touch

We are you!
Internet Infusion is owned and operated by residents who want to see everyone provided with the same opportunities offered to everyone. We are not a big corporation, we are a bunch of locals that are focused on the experience of our neighbors.


It is there when you need it
Nothing is more frustrating than trying to access the internet and getting a 404 error page. We are committed to providing a service that is there when you need it

We think big


More than just us

Providing internet to the City of Coolidge is just the first step. Partnering with each Town and City in Arizona is our primary goal. Through these partnerships, we can expand the WiFi mesh allowing everyone access to the internet when they need. Regardless of where you are, you should be able to make a call, use google maps to find out where you need to go, or even just provide an update as to your ETA. Communication is key, and these partnerships will allow you to communicate with your loved ones when ever needed.


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